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The App Store Finally Flashes Some Nipple...Feds Want Bloggers to Disclose Bribes — But Others Can Keep On Taking Them?...Sony's PlayStation Motion Controller Has a Codename (Spoilers Ahead)...Apple Gets Huffy With Environment Haters

OK, it's not "pornography" (I can tell because I don't want to pay for it, to riff on the old saying) but there's a $1.19 photography book called Boundless being sold in the App Store, which—in certain zoomed-in cases — flashes the nip. Here. Enjoy. You can thank me later. (But seriously don't.) [MobileCrunch]

As a career journalist who has spent the last 2.5 years working for a "blog" that's also a major media outlet, I was surprised by the FTC's request that "bloggers" disclose gifts or payment for reviews. Obviously Giz staffers don't accept gifts or payment for reviews — but the FTC's ruling is so naive it's not funny. Yes, these things should be monitored but, while the internet certainly plays a role, the problem isn't specifically a bloggy one.

Take TV: There have been plenty of reported cases of open bribery, and every time a product appears on a show, you should consider the likelihood of payola. In print publications, the bribes simply take a different form: Many magazines—both trade and mainstream—hire contributors and even staffers who happily get shuttled around the world on corporate dimes (used to be first class, now it's business class, poor babies), getting put up in nice hotels for nothing, collecting sweet juicy frequent flier miles while they're at it. This is standard marketing procedure for many beloved companies, and common in all major review-intensive industries. (*cough* auto industry *cough*) I have been gently castigated by "peers" on several occasions for refusing trips to Asia and Europe, because (obviously) it made the people accepting the trips feel self-conscious.

I love a call for ethics as much as the next reasonably ethical SOB, but man, this is a can of worms that can't possibly open and close solely on bloggers (and the related Facebookers and Tweeters), however the hell the FTC attempts to define them. [NYT]

Remember Sony's ice-cream-cone of a motion controller, showed off at E3? Well, according to seriously unconfirmed accounts, its codename is Sphere. There, you can finally get some sleep. [Engadget]

Not asleep yet? This will surely do the trick: Apple belonged to something called the US Chamber of Commerce (which to me sounds like an organisation consisting entirely of slightly overweight white guys with moustaches who like to grouse about the unfairness of pretty much everything), only now Apple doesn't belong to it. See, the USCoC opposed a bill in Congress that would charge carbon tariffs on imports. Apple supports this and other environmental legislation, so they quit in protest. BOOM. Or something. [Mac Rumors]

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