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10-Year-Old Girl Lists Grandma on eBay...Borders Pulls Yet Another B&N...In Case of Stroke, Heart Attack or Physical Trauma, Please Register Your iPod...Lenovo's Laptop Lost and Found

Don't you hate when your disabled grandma comes home from the hospital after painful surgery, moaning and doped on painkillers? Worst of all, your parents make you do chores for her, so that she can just lie there, lazing around like a good-for-nothing! It's just not fair. But can you make things better by auctioning Gran off on eBay? No, it turns out, you can't. It's "against the rules". Way to make little girls sad, eBay. [Daily Mail UK via Pocket Lint]

The story is that Borders got free Wi-Fi, which is nice news for the last three people who actually think Borders is anything but a money suckhole. But I more particularly enjoyed Engadget's phrasing: Borders had "pulled a B&N." I like it—I am not just making fun—and it got me thinking. When hasn't Borders pulled a B&N? Borders' annual reports could consist solely of listings of the latest B&Ns they'd pulled, opening internal coffee shops, gobbling up old-school mall bookstore chains, selling CDs at their laughable MSRPs and, ultimately, licking Amazon's muddy combat boots. So Borders has pulled yet another B&N. Cool. Why change horses in mid-cliff-jump? [Engadget]

One of the starkest signs that we're well into the digital years is that personal electronics serve as electronic dog tags—even ones we choose not to laser-etch with our vitals. A 23-year-old jogger in Atlanta was hit by a car and rushed to the emergency room. She had no identification, but carried an iPod. A nurse got the serial number of the iPod, and used it to track down the Jane Doe's name and address, eventually reaching her mother. The woman was last reported in critical condition, with her mum by her side. This isn't the first time an iPod performed this unintended, tragic public service, and it certainly won't be the last. [Fox 5 Atlanta, CBS Atlanta; Thanks Michael]

You know when you find a laptop just lying around, and you have to open it and start it up, search it for porn or personal financial data, maybe check what games are on it, or read some private emails, all before you stumble across identifying information that will help you return it to the rightful owner? Lenovo wants to free you from this tedious process by providing an 800 number you can call to return the laptop without copying the contents of the hard drive to your home server. Oh, and that laptop with the 800 number? It's got a tracking system on it too, so don't even think about making it your own. [Engadget]

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