Remainders — Things We Didn't Post

Today in remainders...a new GPS system, a woman who shouldn't be doing what she's doing, a big arse disc and a couple old men talking about boards.

We like Net Neutrality. We like Net Neutrality a lot. But this? This video by Randi my-brother-started-Facebook Zuckerberg? This is Net Neutrality's Worst Enemy. Sorry for making you watch this video. [Venturebeat]

Europeans may be getting a free, accurate GPS service by the name of EGNOS. EGNOS, the precursor to the upcoming Galileo satellite positioning system, may be accurate, but various problems (as evidenced in Galileo) might hold up actual deployment for people. [PC World]

TDK's just made a Blu-ray disc with 320GB on it? That's great! Or, that would be great if there wasn't already a disc with 400GB on it. It was made by Pioneer back in 2008. [Hot Hardware]

Eric Schmidt, of Google, says Genentech CEO Arthur Levinson should stay on Apple's board, despite also being on Google's board. Nobody really cares about this except those of you who are investing in Apple or Google. And if you are, you shouldn't get investing tips from us. [Reuters</a]

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