PSP Firmware 6.10 Lets The PSPgo Tether To Bluetooth Phones

The PSPgo hit stores yesterday, and it's about to get firmware that lets it jump online via a Bluetooth device like a mobile phone or laptop. Sony's update also gives all PSPs support for "SenseMe" automatic music categorisation. Watch the demo:

"SenseMe" is sort of like Apple's Genius playlists, though hopefully it works a little better. Using Sony's MediaGo PC software, your tracks are passed through a 12 tone analysis, and automatically sorted into 12 channels like "Relax" or "Newly Added".

The MediaGo software has also been updated. Version 1.2 has an iTunes-esque front-end to the PlayStation Store, which is clearly a must given that converting old UMDs for the PSPGo Is a no-go. [PlayStation Blog via Kotaku]

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