Polk HitMaster "Monitor" Means Faux Instrument Arms Race Exists

The disdain I harboured for that ridiculous Altec Lansing Guitar Hero "stage monitor" was fading this morning, but news from Polk that they too would be entering the world of fake music accessories revived those feelings anew.

This isn't to say the so-called Polk HitMaster doesn't have a bunch of extra features, which it does. There's 60 watts packed in the unit's 5.9kg frame; a pair of 5.6 x 6.4cm horns; and two 2.5cm tweeters. Top it all off with a 16.5cm sub and you have yourself an impressive faux stage monitor. Oh, and there's also iPod support should you want to listen to some real musicians.

Arrives in early 2010 for $US100. [Polk Hot Hardware via Engadget]

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