PC Makers May Have Too Much Stock, Deals On The Way?

Sounds like PC makers might have missed Ballmer's call for tempered Windows 7 expectations. There's a chance that they're sitting on a glut of inventory now, is there any hope that excess stock will translate to even better holiday deals?

AMD said they expect less of an increase in Q4 revenues due to "the big build we've seen of PCs in anticipation of the Win 7 launch." Read: most PC makers aren't going to be ordering too many components from AMD for a little while. Apparently that comment has led investors to think this is an industry-wide phenomenon, that PC makers have all the inventory they need and more.

Without knowing how widespread the effect is, let's assume there are a ton of PCs out there. In that case, what will likely happen is the manufacturers will just sit on their inventory longer, and component suppliers will receive fewer orders. Hopefully, though, they'll feel the need to turn around that inventory quickly, which would mean some awesome deals could be on the horizon. [All Things Digital]

Image via Jfaneves

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