Panasonic’s Eco-Navi Washer Knows Just How Filthy You Are

Panasonic’s Eco-Navi Washer <em>Knows</em> Just How Filthy You Are

In the interest of conserving energy, water and shame, the Eco-Navi washer uses light-activated sensors to detect your icky-sticky-eugh-so-disgusting stains and adjusts the wash cycles accordingly. What’s really dirty about the whole thing though is the appliance’s price: $US3000.

Even if the washer is all eco-friendly with electricity consumption dropping “from 79 watt hours to 72 watt hours and water consumption trickl[ing]down to 67 litres from 72 litres per load”, the price is outrageous and keeps us from adding it to our laundry rooms just yet. (Though one of us could use it for his questionable bedsheet stains.) [Discover]