Nokia's Very Nice (Net) Booklet 3G Will Be $US299 With AT&T

Whoa, Nokia's Booklet 3G—a very nice netbook—is just gonna be $US299, way below previous estimates of like a bajillion dollars. Granted, you are signing your soul over to AT&T to get it that cheaply.

AT&T's gonna be the "exclusive activation partner" for the Booklet 3G and Best Buy's gonna be the "exclusive retail" outlet, meaning AT&T's the only place to get it on contract so it's $US299 instead of god-knows-what, but you'll only be able to buy it at Best Buy. Got that? Okay.

Funny, Nokia's fastidiously avoiding the word netbook, preferring the nomenclature "mini PC", 'cause it runs Windows 7. Riiiight.

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