Nokia's 3G Booklet Netbook Spotted With $US600 Price Tag

The one way Nokia could doom their well-styled, long-lasting, 3G-and-GPS-having Booklet netbook? By punching it in the mouth with an $US800+ price, like they did in the UK. A Best Buy inventory shot points lower, but not by much.

The Windows 7 netbook, which'll be a Best Buy exclusive when it first goes on sale, has a fairly standard spec set, up until a certain point: A 1.6GHz Atom processor, 120GB HDD and 1GB of RAM are nothing to get too excited about, but the 12-hour claimed battery life, built-in 3G support and GPS unit, well, thanks Nokia for not making this as boring as it could have been.

The inventory shot doesn't just point to a $US600 price—approachable, maybe, but not exactly low—it indicates that stock was showing up at Best Buy as early as September 25, lending credence to the idea that this might be a Windows 7 launch product, meaning you'll be able to get your hands on it as soon as October 22nd. [Phonearena via BGR]

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