Navig8r Satnavs Will Change Screens To Look Like The Street Directory

G43If you want to enter the crazy world of satellite navigation, but can't let go of your stylish UBD colour scheme, the Navig8r G series devices from Laser offer the ability to customise the appearance of the maps to resemble your favourite old-school street directory. No, us neither...

Outside of that groundbreaking feature, there's a pretty standard couple of devices here: Text to speech, 2D and 3D views, 3.5 and 4.3-inch screens for the G35 and G43 models respectively and a 30-day trial of SpeedAlert. The maps come from Aussie company Metroview, who I've never heard of before, although that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

The key issue here though is price: $169 for the G35 and $229 for the G43.


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