Moshimy iPhone Dock Protects You From 96% Of Radiation

Be honest: That talk about mobile phone radiation scares you a teeny-weeny-itsy-bitsy-bit, doesn't it? Me too. Fortunately there are mobile phone docks which'll spare you from a whoppin' 96% of the evil, cancer-causing energy. Or so the designers of this one claim.

It's currently just a design, but Native Union, the folks who might one day peddle Michael Young's Moshimy mobile phone dock claim that the dock offers "96% protection from the radiation emitted from every mobile phone". Wow. Impressive. Until you keep reading for the reasoning behind that "protection":

[U] sing a separate handset when not actually on the move can spare the user from 96% of radiation compared to using a mobile phone directly.

Ah, so it's the distance from the actual phone that's the protection then? OK, so how about rewriting the claim for those of us who like to hug our docks while talking on the phone? [Dezeen via The Design Blog]

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