Microsoft's Project Pink Might Have Killed Itself For Good

The crazy Sidekick data mess might be the least troubling thing to happen to fans of the platform. The latest rumours, which build off of previous Pink rumours, say that the platform is pretty much dead. Dead, dead, dead, dead.

Channelweb's tipster sounds similar to the tipster last week that talked to MobileCrunch about management ineptitude and lousy business choices. To summarise, Roz Ho, Microsoft's "head of mobile experiences", seems to be making so many bad choices that naming the project after Pink, the angry singer, seems like one of her best choices.

According to Channelweb, the Premium Mobile Experiences (PMX) team has caused, either by layoffs or by pissing them off, a large chunk of the Danger team to leave Microsoft. Danger is the team that actually built the Sidekick, and Roz Ho was siphoning off their resources into the Pink camp in order to make sure the latter could survive. By doing so, it seems like she's killed off both groups, which might be why Microsoft keeps denying that they're going to make phone hardware.

The bottom line is that massive data outages might be just the kind of early warning users need to abandon the Sidekick and get on another device before it's out of your hands. [CRN]

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