Bloatfest! Microsoft Office Starter 2010 Edition to Have F—king Ads

Coming 2010, your next PC will probably be pre-loaded with Microsoft Office Starter 2010. A free version of Office 2010 that will only include Word and Excel, fully capable of exchanging documents with full Office 2010. But there's a catch:

As part of Office 2010 software that will be pre-loaded by the PC manufacturers on their PCs, we're introducing Microsoft Office Starter 2010. Office Starter 2010 is a reduced-functionality, advertising-supported version of Office 2010, available exclusively on new PCs. Office Starter 2010 will provide new PC owners with immediate exposure to the Office 2010 experience on new PCs right out of the box.

I wonder how many people will settle for that version. [Technet]

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