Michael Dell Trashes Netbooks, Loves Windows 7

Dell may have a page dedicated to pitching netbooks, but its founder and CEO slammed mini notebooks at last night's Silicon Valley dinner sponsored by the Churchill Club. He also said Windows 7 will help you love your PC again...

"Take a user who's used to a 15-inch notebook and then give him a 10-inch netbook. He'll say 'Oh, this is so cool, it's so lightweight.' Then 36 hours later he'll say the screen's not big enough, give me my 15-inch back."

He went on to say that smaller screens and slower performance are not a "replacement for a high-end machine". Fair point, but ouch! On Windows 7, Dell was more optimistic:

"I've been using Windows 7 for a long time now, and if you get the latest processor technology and Office 2010 with it, you will love your PC again."

Are mini notebooks just underpowered casual toys? And if they are, is that because the PC makers (and Microsoft) have stunted their growth with imposed limitations so netbooks don't eat into regular notebook sales? What do you think? [GigaOm and PC World]



    My friend is exactly like he says. He wants his bigger screen back! I might get one, but I'd have my normal notebook and desktop as well. and with smart phones and stuff getting more powerful, maybe one of them would do.

    And I would never go back to toting a large laptop anywhere. Being on call for mission critical sites means I need a computer everywhere I go, the netbook does that for me without being obtrusive. I don't use it at home much or at work but it goes everywhere else with me.

    Comes in very handy when the missus wants to go shopping, i just pop into the nearest cafe and browse reddit.

    I agree with everyone. I take my netbook with me to work because it is light, and easy to carry. However at home it's my desktop pc all the way.

    Netbook screens are very annoying, and the touchpads are fiddly, but they are what they are. A lightwight scaled down device used for on the go. Perfect at their task!

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