Mani D’oro Do It In Style

Mani D’oro Do It In Style
mani doro 2Forget about your Pimp My Ride vehicles. That’s nothing compared to the pimping that Mani D’oro does. If you have never heard of them, join the club. I can’t really give you much information on them either really as it was all in Japanese and all its reps only spoke Japanese.

From what I did dig up, it is a brand owned by Sivax, Inc. which also owns a whole range of brands that customise cars. Each brand customises certain makes and models of cars, not just Japanese but European as well. In terms of Mani D’oro, it was a Mercedes-Benz S Class they had turned into the ultimate style bling machine – calling it the Mani D’oro Speciale MB-901. I don’t think even J-Lo could pull off a car like this.

The two-toned car features leather from Pasubio and wood throughout and has lighting fitted that gives the feel of a lounge room. Finished by Japanese master craftsmen, only rare wood and 100 per cent natural leathers are used. The wood panelling is treated with citrus oil and the adhesives used in the car are all natural as well.

mani doro 1The wood panelling was actually created by artisans that are appointees of the Japanese royal household. Yeah, believe it! Even the door step panels are impressive with an illuminated special logo.

I couldn’t get much out of the guys at the stand on performance either, bit from what I gathered it seems that Mani D’oro only really add luxury touches and leave the mechanics to the guys who know them best. In this case it would be Mercedes-Benz.

I don’t know if I want one, I certainly couldn’t pull it off, but I’m mighty impressed!

Damian Francis is the editor-at-large for Australian T3 and contributing technology editor for GQ Australia. He is in Japan as a guest of Toyota Australia.