Man Arrested After Threatening To Shoot His iPhone At Apple Store

I know it's frustrating when your phone is borked, but telling an Apple Store staffer that you're "so mad I could pop a 9mm at it"—then revealing your concealed gun—probably isn't the best way to resolve the issue.

But that's what a man allegedly did yesterday at the Apple Store in Cincinnati's Kenwood mall. According to reports, the man continued, "I'll do it right now. Look!", and opened the right side of his shirt to show a black 9mm handgun.

Kudos to the Apple Store employee who stayed calm and said she'd get it fixed. She walked him over to a technician before informing her manager, who called police.

The man was charged with "aggravated menacing, causing fear of harm". And even though he has a concealed weapons permit, could face charges for the gun because he didn't tell the deputy on the scene that he had it. Now that's some iPhone rage. [WCPO 9]

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