Mac Mini Updates: Speed Boost And Dual Hard Disks

Confirming this morning's rumours, Apple's new Mac mini server ditches an optical drive to make room for two hard disks. It includes Snow Leopard Server, and uses the same 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo processor as the also-refreshed 320GB Mac mini.

The $US1000 Mac mini server includes two 500GB hard disks, 4GB of RAM, and GeForce 9400M graphics.

For it's part, the 320GB Mac mini stays at $US800, but has that new processor, and 4GB of memory (up from 2GB).

It's the $US600 entry-level Mac mini that gets the most love. It's got a faster 2.26GHz processor (up from 2GHz), has 2GB RAM (up from 1GB), and has 160GB of storage (up from 120GB).

As far as the rumours go: Yep, there is a Mini DisplayPort output. No, there's no Blu-ray. No cheaper option, either. Do you think this is enough to save for the Mac mini from near-irrelevance?

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