Live From The Windows 7 Launch

We're at the official Windows 7 launch. The Ballmer, of course, is going to be doing a WAHOO speech. We're told there'll some surprises, too. Updated live.

Jason's favourite Asian child, Kylie from the Windows commercials, just brought out Steve, and he bribed her with a pink laptop.

Also, Steve is a Windows 7 PC, effectively immediately.

We're still here, BTW — Microsoft's just been walking through Windows 7 features you guys have seen a million years ago while I shoot tons of photos of Steve with awkward facial expressions.

New CBS streaming video integrated with Windows Media Center. No real details, but you don't need a TV tuner. So I guess that's CBS's answer to Hulu?

Amazon multitouch Kindle app for Windows 7 — full colour photos, pinch zooming to enlarge text, looks awesome. Could be a much-needed killer app for Windows 7 tablets. Maybe.

Streaming to 16 different screens from one Windows 7 PC using Play-To feature is actually kind of impressive.

Oh my, so many kinds of PCs. So many.

Apparently, there are so many PCs, Steve needs somebody else to explain them all to him.

And, that's it!

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