Live From The Windows 7 Launch Party

Windows 7 launchI'm here at the National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour for the official launch of Microsoft's new Windows 7 OS. There are lots of people, lots of PCs and lots of posters for Windows 7. We've just been let inside the theatre, and – battery life dependant – I'll let you know what's happening here in this post. UPDATE: It's starting! 9:37 - A video. And a very dark room not much good for photography... 9:39 - Alex Stewart on stage. Talking about how exciting it is they're streaming live via ustream and Twitter 9:40 - Oh, dictating twitter hashtags. God I hate when companies try and do that. 9:41 - Tracey Fellows MD of MS Australia up on stage. They seem to be playing the riff from Coldplay's "Clocks" every time something happens. 9:43 - Apparently Windows 7 was bigger than Obama. I think someone was playing with Hyperbole 9:44 - NSW DET using Windows 7 on Lenovo netbooks. We already know about this... Windows 7 launch19:46 - James DeBragga on stage talking about making Win7 9:47 - "Using customer as guiding light as to how to bring Windows 7 to market" Good idea after Vista... 9:48 - Customers wanted MS to make using their PC easier. They also want it to work. Seems kind of obvious to me... 9:52 - 90 per cent of beta users said Win7 was good or excellent.

Windows 7 launch39:54 - Oh dear — laptop battery dying. Moving to iPhone. Stick with it Nick... Stick with it... 9:57 - We're now doing a live demo. "It's windows aero made useful". Seems Microsoft are happier about moving from Vista than consumers... 10:12 - Nope... iPhone didn't work. Laptop gone. Doesn't matter - we've seen all this before. It's not that exciting... I'll update everything when I find a powerpoint...

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