LG Unveils Sun-Smart POP (GD510)

LG Unveils Sun-Smart POP (GD510)
LG_GD510_010I don’t know about you but when I think smartphones, LG isn’t a brand I turn to first. However, according to Akihabara News, LG unveiled its “Pop” model yesterday, and it warrants a closer look – if not for its specs, then at least for its built-in solar panel.

LG’s blurb says the Pop, or GD510, has been designed for the user who wants the essential functionality of a smartphone without too many features. We just like the idea that some time in the sun will top up the battery. That’s a cool feature, and one worth putting on your wishlist. Aside from solar smarts, we also love LG’s phone naming – there’s Chocolate, Cookie, and now Pop. Sounds like my favourite breakfast cereal.

The Pop is scheduled for a European release in the middle of the month, with other markets to follow.

Get more info at Akihabara News.