It's A Good Thing Mad Catz Rock Band Telecaster Is Distressed

I have to admit, the distressed look of the new Rock Band ‘Player's Edition' Fender Telecaster for the Xbox 360 is bad arse. But that badassery may not live up to the $US110 price tag.

If you are still with us after that price revelation, you might be interested to know that the Mad Catz guitar also features fast-action ‘Shredderz' fret buttons — an exclusive addition that makes it easier to tear up solos. If that isn't enough to improve your game, the optional Electro-Harmonix Overdrive Pedal, the back tuning button, the old-fashioned tilt mechanism, and a new touch sensitive pickup are thrown in for good measure. Expect to see it on store shelves sometime in the next few weeks. [Kotaku]

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