iREV, The Bumper Boat With A Built-In Grill

There's no rational reason why I should want an iREV. A real boat would be way faster and much more versatile. But the iREV is a floating picnic table with a grill. Now that's cool.

On top of the low-fire charcoal grill and Kumbaya-friendly seating arrangement, there's an optional 500-watt speaker system complete with satellite radio. I mean, if you're going to pay $US24,000 for a glorified bumper boat, it had better come with satellite radio.

Every bone in my body tells me I shouldn't want one, but this picture really, really makes me want one:

Just look at how awesome that is! Get 10 of those on the same lake, slap some tyres on the sides, and you've got a real party. [Product Page via Uncrate]

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