I Want A Slice Of This Freaky Dead Tauntaun Wedding Cake

I've seen plenty of nerdy geeky freaky cakes in my life, mostly Star Wars-related: R2-D2, the Death Star, the Millennium Falcon, Darth Vader and pregnant Darth Vader. This dead tauntaun wedding cake, however, is just sick. And I love it.

Dead Tauntaun Wedding Cake Gallery

Look at that detail! This is so gross, yet so good. If I ever get married again, I would only do it to get a freakierer cake than this. Like, instead of a tauntaun, it would be a giant monkey with Ringo Starr's face, and his guts would be snake with the face of Yoko Ono, and instead of Luke it would be David Bowie wearing Princess Leia metal bikini.

There. I grossed myself out. [Star Wars Blog]

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