How You Stuff A Projector Inside Of A Digital Camera

Nikon's S1000pj projector camera was obviously the result of some Japanese engineer's crazed wet dream, but ripping it out of mere fantasy and into reality was no small feat, requiring Nikon to design and build a whole new projector system.

A major problem was the heat put off by the projector, which was fashioned into an L-shaped module so it'd fit inside the case. They wound up having to move the CCD image sensor to a different part of the camera to isolate it from the heat, while also figuring out a way to focus scattered light emitted by the LED powering the projector. The result is that the camera doesn't burn the crap out of your hand, even though there's a full-fledged projector inside of it (which was surprisingly bright when I checked it out the other day).

It's still absolutely bonkers. [TechOn via About Projectors via Engadget]

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