Hands On With Callpod's Fueltank Uno Portable Charger

The Fuelank Uno does exactly what it says it does: charge one device at a time. And with the Callpod's adaptor tips, it can charge one of a lot of things at a time.

The Price


The Verdict

Affordable and useful.

The Uno is portable—a lot more portable than the original Fueltank, which charged two things simultaneously. The bonus of not having two is that you can actually pocket this one, if you're the kind of person who really needs to make sure your devices are powered.

Other than the fact that it's smaller, lighter and more discreet than the Fueltank, there isn't a whole lot of difference. We shoved a bunch of our gadgets into it and the Uno charged all of them fine. You even get two tips (an iPod one and a mini USB one) for free. For $US40, it's a pretty cheap safety net for the times when you forget to charge your phone. [Callpod]

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