Haleron Swordfish 102 Netbook Makes Room For Two

I get way too excited about the prospect of more powerful netbooks, but adding another processor to a cheap looking 10-inch netbook just doesn't get me going. Haleron's Swordfish Net has two of the standard 1.6GHz Intel Atom processors.

Do not be confused. This is not a dual core processor. The company has just made room for an extra processor inside the 10.2 inch netbook to increase the power. Really, I am not sure that will even work. I will tell you what won't work: running this thing for more than an hour without it plugged into the wall. It only has a 3-cell battery and when you add the other processor that should drain the puppy pretty freaking fast.

The Swordfish is $US450. At that point, pick up a HP Mini 311 for $US399 with Nvidia's Ion graphics or wait it out until Intel's next generation Atom processors hit. [Haleron via Wired]

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