"Got The Bob" Keeps You From Sending Emails To The Wrong People

Nothing's worse than realising you sent those pictures of you in the shower to mum instead of Mona. Trust me. Now, Gmail is here to help you out, making sure you're sending emails to who you intend to.

"Got the Wrong Bob?" is a new Google Labs feature that you can turn on in Gmail. It works by analysing groups of people that you usually email together. For example, if you accidentally include your boss Hank in with your normal key party invite group when you meant to invite country singer Hank Williams Jr, well, Gmail will ask if you meant this Hank instead of that Hank. This will in turn save you a boatload of awkwardness (or a magical night where you learn more about your boss than you ever thought possible, but that's neither here nor there).

So go ahead, check it out and see if it works. It certainly can't hurt, right? [Official Gmail Blog via Esquire]

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