Got Questions? Ask Jason

You got questions? Questions that don't have to do with explaining when to use your flash or why cheap headphones are no good? I got answers.

Think of this as less about explaining technology and more about explaining what you should do with technology. Some examples:

• In what instances is it acceptable to wear a belt holster for your phone? (Prelim. answer: Only if you are handsome like Sean Fallon) • How do I convince my wife/husband that we really need a 60+ inch television? • My friend/taxi driver is texting while driving. What should I say, if anything, while I'm in the car? • DVR or Hulu? • How many seconds can a phone be in a toilet before it's considered a loss, even if it still works? • Is it OK to hack my neighbour's Wi-Fi, even if they're kind of dicks?

Send all your questions to [email protected]. The more interesting it is, the more likely I'll answer it. And if you don't get your questions answered, try again — because Dear Abby doesn't know the difference between Boxee, Plex and XBMC.

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