Google Co-Founder's Lessons In Mobile Phone Etiquette

Google's Larry Page gives us a lesson in mobile phone faux pas by ignoring poor onetime movie mogul, Barry Diller, for a PDA. Actually, he doesn't just ignore the man, he flat-out lets him know that the gadget is more important.

While in a meeting with the Google boys, Diller had this exchange after questioning Page's inattentiveness:

"I said to Larry, ‘Is this boring?' "

"No. I'm interested. I always do this," Page said.

"Well, you can't do this," Diller said. "Choose."

"I'll do this," Page said matter-of-factly, not lifting his eyes from his handheld device.

Youch. Wonder what app had Page's attention. [New Yorker via Valleywag]

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