Gizmodo's Barnes & Noble Nook Full Coverage In One Place

The Barnes & Noble Nook is a singularly interesting piece of hardware, that's for sure, and I would be negligent if I forgot to mention our exclusive unveiling and extended reporting. Here's our Nook coverage, all in one place.

Exclusive: First Photos of Barnes & Noble's Double Screen E-Reader: In which we scoop the crap out of BN's crazy two-screened reader. • Barnes & Noble's Dual-Screen Nook: $US260, Eats the Kindle's Lunch: In which the Nook leaks a few hours early. • Barnes & Noble Compares Nook to Kindle 2: Biased But Fair: In which BN thoughtfully explains why the Nook whups the Kindle 2's butt. • Live From Barnes & Noble's Nook Event: In which intrepid reporters John Herrman and Matt Buchanan bring you the Nook's official announcement, live, with bonus Q & A. • 8 Reasons You Can Finally Love Ebook Readers (Thanks to Nook): In which we explain why the Nook has finally gotten us excited about eBook readers. • Barnes & Noble Nook Up Close: Yep, It's Real Nice: In which we go hands-on with the Nook, and like it.

[Barnes & Noble Nook coverage on Giz]

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