Ghostbuster Proton Pack Can Probably Hunt Real Ghosts

I am amazed at the work some people put in their Halloween costumes, like this Ghostbusters proton pack built with LEDs, an Arduino controller, and red and green lasers. I'm so lazy, I'm going to go as the Wolverine.

Wait, maybe I'm not that lazy.

That ghostbuster costume—which includes a flight suit, Arduino-controlled proton pack, fake trap, and fake goggles—was all made over months of planning and hard work.

My Wolverine costume—battered leather jacket, t-shirt, jeans, dirty just-woke-up hair, scars, and some beard trimming—took an entire life of suffering and bleeding to create.

(By the way, anyone knows where I could buy the actual Wolverine jacket replica in NYC? Let's do this stupid thing properly). [Instructables via Dvice]

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