Freeview Lays The Smackdown On DViCo

Freeview Lays The Smackdown On DViCo

TvixSo earlier today when I said that DViCo was Freeview badged? Turns out that they stuck the logo on without actually jumping through Freeview’s anti-ad skipping hoops. Which could be a win for potential customers.

Freeview just sent through this announcement:


14 October, 2009
Freeview today stated that it has no association with manufacturer DViCO and its PVR product or the Australian distributor Also Technology.
The DViCO TViX M-6600N PVR launched yesterday featuring the Freeview logo on its product and promotional material. DViCO is not Freeview endorsed and the company or its Australian distributor has not contacted Freeview regarding endorsement.
Freeview’s legal team has contacted the manufacturer to ask for clarification and to ensure DViCO discontinues the association.
“This company is not Freeview compliant. All our endorsed product manufacturers are listed on our website at,” Freeview CEO Robin Parkes said.

Which means you may be able to skip through ads and enjoy real PVR functionality. We’ll know more once we test out the device soon.