FCC Documents Reveal Cisco's FlipShareTV

While we were distracted by the Apple TV 3.0 update, there's been a potential gem waiting in FCC documents. Something called the FlipShareTV which is intended to be a companion to Cisco's popular Flip video recording devices.

We don't know too much about the gadget at this point. There's no release date and no pricing information, but there are some pretty pictures and a brief explanation of how it works:

Previously recorded video, accessed on a computer via FlipShare software, is wirelessly streamed via the FlipShareTV USB stick to the small FlipShareTV box and controlled via remote.

Wowza. That combined with the fact that the FlipShareTV is a three-piece set seems a bit overly elaborate for a basic task. Until there's more info, maybe we should just stick with being excited about Apple updates even if they're a bit ugly.

[Zatz Not Funny!]

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