DIY Laser Hair Removal And DIY Botox Markets Expanding

I love DIY projects, lasers and chemistry sets as much as the next gal, but the whole do-it-yourself laser hair removal and Botox market boom is terrifying. Untrained individuals shouldn't be pointing needles and lasers at themselves.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is in an uproar about the things people are doing in their bathrooms. It's not that those surgeons are just worried about losing money on procedures, they're bound to gain clients from all the DIY mess-ups anyway, but they appear genuinely concerned about regulations and safety. And I agree, because somehow former Gizmodo intern Benny Goldman letting the Jezebel team cajole him into a bikini wax doesn't seem so insane when you read about people ordering Botox from websites called Discount MedSpa and putting videos of their DIY injections onto YouTube (Warning: the clip may make you cringe).

We all like to look pretty, but there are safer ways to get rid of hair, folks! And somehow it's better to have wrinkles than order Botox from a website that looks like it was made in Microsoft Word. [Wired]

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