Design Your Own Laptop, Phone Or Kindle GelaSkin

GelaSkins makes stylish, reusable skins for iPhones/iPods, Blackberries, laptops and Kindles. But now, instead of choosing from their designs, you can upload your own art to customise your gear.

(Disregard the indescribable ugliness of the lead shot and reach out with your imagination.)

While GelaSkins can't come out and make this point, their new design process is probably the best way to get your favourite niche, licensed art wrapped around your gadgets. (It's easier for me to just rip and upload what I want than GelaSkins cutting more deals with companies like Dark Horse.)

The most enticing piece, however, is that the customisation process doesn't seem to run a price premium over standard GelaSkins. Phone skins still hover around $US15 with laptop skins running $US30. [GelaSkins]

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