Criminal Charges Looming For Balloon Boy Mastermind Richard Heene

Karma's a bunch of hooey, but in cases like this I can understand its appeal: Richard Heene, the arrogant, self-centered con artist behind the "Balloon Boy" hoax, is about to be charged with a crime.

Authorities haven't said what the charges will be exactly, but here's hoping whatever they are they involve this asshat paying back every cent he owes the authorities after they chased down that now infamous—and empty—Mylar balloon over Colorado. At least.

Police searched the Heene home early Sunday morning, and have scheduled a 1 p.m. EST press conference, where they will update us all on what's going down. "We anticipate criminal charges will be filed sometime in the near future," said Sheriff Jim Alderden in an interview with CNN this morning.

You wanted publicity, Richard Heene? You got it. [CNN, Gawker]

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