Corsair Flash Voyager 128GB USB: As Big And Fast As A Small Fish

Corsair Flash Voyager 128GB USB: As Big And Fast As A Small Fish

One day, 128GB flash drives will be common. We’ll lose em and only say “oops”. Today, you can have one if you don’t mind the size and price of this $US400 Corsair. But F me, this thing isn’t fast.


I’ve been happy with a 16GB Patriot Xporter, which Ars mentioned in their 2009 test as one of the fastest. This Corsair is faster. On an informal test transferring 2.7 GB of MP3 files, the Corsair Flash Voyager 128GB was twice as fast in writes and a touch faster in reads.

Note I was very casual about this test. It did not shut down all my other apps during this test, but I did run multiple trials. And I did not test random access or exceptionally large file sizes. Why didn’t I take testing more seriously? Because I just don’t think you’ll really buy this thing when you can get multiple 32GB drives for $US50 or so. This thing is impressive, but all freaks of nature are impressive.

It’s Big

On top of its price and performance, it’s bigger. No, not only in capacity. See?


Yeah, well, it still fits in my pocket. Like a giant pet beetle. The kind that crawled out of skulls and pyramid labyrinth walls in The Mummy, part five, or whatever.

I’d recommend it only if you have so much money that if you lose one, you’ll merely say “oops” and not cry over it like I would.