Colour Plastic Logic eReader Will Have B&N Store Early 2010

Barnes & Noble will be on the colour reader via an eBook store app, according to the gushing rep in this video from CTIA. Interestingly, the news follows rumours that B&N's own (possibly Android-powered) reader may arrive as early as next month.

And as you may remember, B&N also has its store on the recently-released iRex reader, and the upcoming monochrome Plastic Logic reader. That's a pretty big push to claim a piece of the emerging eBook pie.

In the video, the rep says Plastic Logic's colour reader will be about the size of a paperback, and seems to suggest that B&N may have book store apps for the iPhone and BlackBerry phones in the works, too.

He says no price has been set, but is solid on that early 2010 arrival. Thanks for the tips everyone.

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