Clue Gets A Necessary Update That Involves Text Messages

You are undoubtedly familiar with the classic board game Clue. But did you know you've been enjoying the sissy luddite version for all these years? Because you are. The new version uses texting! Texting!

Yes, Clue: Secrets & Spies is truly an updated version for our generation. That is to say it chose to do a half-arsed update of a classic franchise rather than creating something new and unique.

Agent Mustard, Agent Scarlet and the rest of the colorful Clue characters are now on assignment to thwart C.L.U.E. (Criminal League for Ultimate Espionage) and take down the evil Agent Black. At the beginning of the game, players check in at Hasbro headquarters via text from their own mobile phones. As the game proceeds, Hasbro sends six text messages back to move the action along. An ultraviolet decoder, included with the game's activity cards and other pieces, also reveals information.

We can only hope that this spawns a mediocre movie spin-off, just like the original. [Hasbro via NY Times]

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