Catch The Fugitives And Win A Panny BD Recorder!

Panasonic is putting up a Blu-Ray Recorder as bounty for the capture of its Prison Break escapees. There will be 8 manhunts in 8 locations with 8 bounties and we've got the details. Hit the jump for a full rundown.

For your chance to win the BD recorder or the grand prize of a Full HD Home Theatre System (TV and all!), join Panasonic on Facebook or Twitter to receive clues about where the fugitives are hiding out.

How it works:

  1. Every Monday and Thursday at 9AM, clues are revealed on Panny's Twitter and Facebook pages
  2. Decode the clues to find the website where the fugitives are hiding (hint* check banners)
  3. Click the banner to reach the concealed capture page
  4. Print out the captured fugitives from the capture page
  5. Take a photo of yourself with the fugitives as proof you caught them
  6. Post that photo on Panasonic’s Facebook Page before the start of the next hunt, and you’re in the draw.

    Happy hunting!

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