Carol Brady Creates The Worst Ever Tech Support Job

If you thought your IT job was filled with annoying questions, try working for Florence Henderson's new FloH Club. It's a telephone-based tech support service for old people.

AU: Ms Henderson (aka Carol Brady, the mum from "The Brady Bunch") is not extending her services to people outside of North America. Shame.

This isn't Carol Brady's first foray into tech support however. She was also on the front lines during the DTV conversion. Perhaps that, along with her confusion regarding the intricacies of her own mobile phone provided the inspiration to start up FloH.

"I didn't grow up with this technology," she said. "It's like learning a new language."

Now, as a proficient text-messenger, Skyper and active member on Facebook, she wants to help others learn to do the same.

FloH memberships run $US25 for a month or $US250 for the year and includes access to their telephone support network for any computer-related queries. For an additional $US50, users can participate in one-time personal training session on issues ranging from setting up a Facebook account to tuning up your PC. In other words, it's quite a racket. Although, Florence doesn't have to be the one manning the phones from 8am to 2am. To those people all I can say is...Godspeed. [FloH and NYT]

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