Canon 1D Mark IV Night Videos Are Simply Incredible

Canon's 1D Mark IV is real: Vincent Laforet, who shot the first videos using the 5D Mark II was the first to take out the 1D Mark IV, and the result, using entirely ambient light, is just astounding.

The basic specs of the camera are what was rumored: 1D body, 1.3x crop, 10fps bursts, a new autofocus syhstem, and 60fps shooting at 720p with 24 and 30fps at 1080p. Canon's official release isn't out yet,so we'll make do with Vincent's videos for now. The main thing to understand, he says, is that "the short film you are about to watch was shot in pretty much the very worst light that I could possibly find in an evening urban landscape." You'll have to watch it here for now, but it's worth making the jump: [Vincent Laforet]

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