Can You Tell The Difference Between Film And Digital Shots?

Shane Hurlbut, who's been Director of Photography on, ahem, illustrious projects like Terminator: Salvation, is a huge proponent of consumer DSLRs, especially the Canon 5D MKII. Now, he's challenging viewers to separate digital from film shots in his new movie. Can you?

Hurlbut is shooting a project based on Navy SEALs, and the trailer (of sorts; it's mostly an awful lot of bikini'd ladies) is shot with a mix of digital and film photography, using the digital Canon 5D MKII and Sony 950 as well as the Arri 235 film camera. He created kind of a contest to see who could pick out the digital shots from the film in the trailer (most is digital, shot with the 5D MKII) — it's way harder than you'd think, not least because the dude is clearly an expert. His wide-angle shots of a yacht and close-ups of bikini-clad ladies may look like the intro to a Puff Daddy music video (sing it with me: BEEN AROUND THE WORLD AND AYAYAY), but it is shockingly gorgeous and I'm hard-pressed to be able to tell the difference between digital and film. Check out the video here, and enter his contest here. [Shane Hurlbut via Vincent LaForet]

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