Buffy Skins On Apple Products, Dual-Fanboys Ascend To Nirvana

Dark Horse Comics (Buffy, Hellboy) and GelaSkins (those dudes who make reusable sticky skins for iPhones, MacBooks, etc.) have conceived and birthed a line of products to which all geeks will find themselves un-immune.

Hellboy, Buffy and a bunch of other Dark Horse IPs are now available in GelaSkin form (heck, there's even some Bettie Page thrown in there for good measure). iPhone skins go for $US15 while 13- and 15-inch MacBook/general laptop skins cost $US30.

You've likely seen the iconic art before, but that's alright. I could stare at Sarah Michelle Gellar's estranged cousin for days.

[Dark Horse via Lost at E Minor]

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