Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

breakfast pastryIs there a finer day than Friday? Oh wait, that’d be Saturday. Oh well, TGIF, and here’s your wrap:

Bill Gates Seeks To Cure Malaria With Lollies
If anyone can do it, it’s Super Gates!

Japan Welcomes Windows 7 With Seven Layer Whopper Burger
Oh God why?

Ballmer On Smartphones: “It Doesn’t Matter What The Critics Say”
Really, Ballmer? Really?

Nokia Suing Apple For 10-Patent iPhone Infringement
If Apple did infringe on patents, shouldn’t this have happened years ago?

Giz’s Windows 7 Review: Solid, More Nimble, Prettiest Windows Yet
It is nice. But are you starting to get sick of Windows 7 coverage?

Host Your Own Windows 7 Torrenting Party