Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Long Weekend

breakfast muffin rollsDo you hear that? That's the sound of thunderous applause for Chris Oaten, Giz Guest Editor extraordinaire. Hope everyone enjoyed the slightly different voice while I was off getting to know my new son.

Now, back to the gadgets!

This Is How Boeing’s Airborne Laser Takes Out Ground Targets Pew-pew!!

Why You Can’t Get Decent Earphones For Less Than $US100 So open your wallets and stop your bitching.

Sony Getting Closer To TVs With No Cables Whatsoever I'll take 10.

Transformers 3 Gets Super Official, Will Explode July 2011 Revenge of the Robot Angels. I'm not holding out hope for quality here...

Thin Is In For Rumoured iMac, MacBook Refreshes Is there ever a time that thin isn't in?

Deja Vu: Apple Sues Someone Because Their Logo Looks Like Fruit *cough* Dicks! *cough*

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