Blackfire Clamplight Should Be More Than Just A Flashlight

After confusing that thing for Wall-E's eye and pinching myself to stop thinking about how cute it is, I learned that the Blackfire Clamplight is, well as its name implies, a flashlight that clamps to things and pivots.

Bummer. I wish it did more, like wash my floors and talk to me when I am lonely. OK, so it isn't a robot (even though the video really wants it to be), but for $US30 you get a sweet looking flashlight that also has a clip that makes it stand up on its own. Hmm, looks like the Clamplight is aiming directly at the similarly pricedGorillatorch. It should be quite bright; it has a 1 watt, 65 lumen Cree White XR-C LED bulb. Clamplight, your future is bright. One day you will be the pal I dream of! [Blackfire]

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