BlackBerry Storm 2 Gets Unofficially Officially Announced

Well, everyone knew it was coming, thanks to heavy and repeated leaks, but Walt Mossberg just unofficially officially published a little preview, with photos, of the device. So what do we know that we didn't know before?

In a phrase, not much. Mossberg likes the Storm 2 much more than the maligned Storm, that's for sure, but we don't have too much new insight. Looks like the Storm 2 fixes some of the more glaring flaws of its predecessor: Wi-Fi and a full QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode are two features we're glad to see confirmed. Looks like the Storm 2 does away with the tactile clicky keyboard as well, instead providing what's likely haptic feedback (in which the device vibrates to let you know you've made a selection), a technique that's been used by companies like LG and Samsung for years. But this is RIM's first BlackBerry with the feature, and hopefully it's easier to use than the Storm's clickscreen.

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