Bill Gates Lost $US7B Last Year, Is Still Richer Than God

Pity poor Bill Gates! In this terrible economy, he lost $US7 billion last year, bringing his net worth down to… $US50 Billion.

Don't worry! He's still the richest man on the planet, but he's less richer than everybody else than last year. Other losers on this year's Forbes 400 include Paul Allen, who lost $US4.5 billion, Michael Dell, who lost $US2.8 billion, and Steve Ballmer, who lost $US1.7 billion.

Amazon's Jeff Bezos, unlike all the other tech mavens on the list who lost money, actually made $US100 million this year, bringing his value up to $US8.8 billion. Good for him! I'm sure that made a f—king difference. [Forbes via Fortune]

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