Barnes & Noble eReader Could Land Next Month

Barnes & Noble's eReader rumours date back to April, but they were thin. With a recent FCC filing, and the WSJ saying it's coming next month, it's fair to call it imminent. Even better? We've heard it's based on Android.

The WSJ has sources close to the matter harping on about a pre-holiday release, and that throw a few details out as chum:

The device is expected to feature a six-inch screen from digital-paper maker E-Ink Corp. with touch input and a virtual keyboard, like the one used on Apple Inc.'s iPhone. The Barnes & Noble device is expected to also use a wireless connection to download books from the online e-book store that the books retailer unveiled in July, those people said.

A six-inch screen? An onscreen keyboard, huh? That's almost...phonelike? Which is weird, because a tipster, who (convincingly) claims to work for Barnes & Noble, chiefly with mobile apps, passed me an extremely interesting little nugget: Barnes & Nobles reader will be the first on the market to run Android.

Think about it. It's a smallish device, and we've seen Android on bigger screens. Wireless connectivity is built in. Apps would be a huge boon. Oh, and E-Ink Android drivers have already been demonstrated on video. Simply put, this would—or I guess, will—be pretty fantastic. And from the looks of it, we won't have to wait long to find out. [WSJ via Engadget]

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